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New Zealand Classic Scooter
Moped Rally

19-21 February 2016 Tatum Park, Manakau, SH1

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Note. For those of you travelling from the South Island, we have a mates rates deal with the InterIslander Ferries. Details are in the Registration Form.

The NZ Classic Scooter Club is for riders of:

20+ Years Old
Power Cycles
50 cc Motorcycles

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Meet the Club Captain and his Piatti

National Forum of Motorcycle Groups

Media Release

4 October 2010

National Forum of Motorcycle Groups.

A meeting was held on 2 October 2010 in Petone, near Wellington to consider the concept of a national forum of motorcycling groups.

Ten national level motorcycling groups were represented and after discussion, it was agreed to develop a proposal to establish such a forum.

The proposed purpose of the forum will be to advocate for the interests of on-road motorcyclists, agree on common ground and establish good communication networks.

The proposal will be available to other motorcycling groups who may share the interests and concerns of those attending the meeting.

The groups represented at the meeting were: The Ulysses Club of New Zealand Inc.; Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. (MNZ), Women’s International Motorcycling Association New Zealand Division (WIMA), Motorcycle Action Group of New Zealand Inc. (MAG-NZ), BMW Owners Register Inc. of NZ (BMWOR), Buell Riders New Zealand, Gold Wing Road Riders Assn (GWRRA), New Zealand Gold Wing Riders (Inc.), New Zealand Classic Scooter Club; and Bikers Rights Organisation New Zealand (BRONZ) (Auckland) – all of whom will be consulting their respective memberships on the forum concept.

Interested groups are encouraged to contact the above for further information.

A further meeting will be convened in early 2011 to consider feedback and further action.


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